Secondary Products

Secondary Products

Arohan offers a range of secondary loan products for other daily purposes. Arohan caters to its customers’ requirements for both financial products like life and non-life insurance, as well as, non-financial products for sanitation needs, for utility products including solar lamps, agricultural products, consumer durables, kitchen appliances, bicycles and other household items. This plays a key role in increasing customers’ access to a range of financial inclusion products that helps the overall credit relationship with Arohan. Arohan believes that having robust customer relationships helps with the customer’s credit behaviour with the Company.

Financial Safety Net Products: In order to ensure a financial safety net for its customers, Arohan offers life and health insurance policy products that are issued by certain insurance companies, with whom the Company has entered into tie-ups.

Non-Financial products: Arohan offers a range of utility products to its customers at affordable costs. These products may also be financed by Arohan through secondary loans for eligible customers. Current products available under non-financial products include but are not limited to solar lamps, agricultural products, home and kitchen appliances, consumer durables and bicycles, made available in association with various third parties.

Our range of Secondary
Financial Products:

Cross-Sell Products

Arohan cross-sells products to its customers via a Technology...

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