Some of the major events

in the history of Arohan

01 CARE MFI 1 Grading, highest on an 8-point scale
02 COCA Assessment score of C1 (top grade) indicating "Excellent Performance on COCA Dimensions"
03 Awarded an Alpha Grading and Rating Outlook as Positive in Social Rating under the CERISE SPI4 tool methodology by MCRIL
04 Credit Rating A- (Stable Outlook)
05 Arohan's Information Security Management Systems get certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by BSI
06 Recertified with ISO 9001:2015 for Internal Audit Great Place to Work-Certified
07 Arohan launched a fully automated "Fraud Management System", developed in-house for faster reporting, tracking, and closure of fraud cases in the business.
08 Recertified with ISO 9001:2015 for Internal Audit
01 Great Place to Work-Certified thrice in a row, by the Great Place To Work® Institute
02 CARE MFI 1 Grading, highest on an 8-point scale, the fifth year in a row (2017/ 2018/2019/2020/2021)
03 COCA Assessment score of C1, highest on a 5-point scale, the fourth year in a row (2018/2019/2020/2021)
04 Credit Rating A-from ICRA and CARE (2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021)
05 SMART Campaign Certification to award our client protection principle (2015, Recertified 2019 with a four-year validity)
06 Arohan rechristened Recovery Vertical to Debt Receivable Department, covering the PAR61-90 customers, along with the usual NPA portfolio.
07 Arohan launched "Sandesh", a first-in-the-industry, in-house developed Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) application to manage the risk of a growing business.
08 Arohan deployed "NIRNAY", the microfinance industry's first-in-the-sector credit acquisition scorecard.
09 Arohan launched 'ArohanPrivilege', the industry's first Digital Lending platform for microfinance customers.
01 Great Place to Work-Certified twice in a row, by the Great Place To Work® Institute.
02 Ranked 65th among the Best Companies to Work For in India in 2021
03 Ranked within India's 30 Best Workplaces in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) 2021
04 Best Workplaces in Microfinance, India 2021
05 CARE MFI1 Grading (for Microfinance Operations)
06 C1 (for Code of Conduct Assessment) grading, highest on a 5-point scale by M-CRIL
07 SP1 rating (for Social Performance) by ICRA
08 Arohan started its Recovery Vertical
01 Enabled digital repayment using digital wallets such as PayTM and PayU which make use of Aadhaar Pay Enabled Software platform, Bharat Bill Payment System platform, UPI and debit card
02 CARE MFI 1 grading from CARE
03 Social performance grading of the highest-rating SP1 from ICRA
04 Dual Credit Rating of A- with stable outlook from CARE & ICRA
05 On boarded Trackwizz, an anti-money laundering and compliance software
01 Number of customers reached 2,000,000
02 Launched the ApnaBazaar application for cross-selling of products
03 Securitization deal of non-qualifying assets completed
04 Commenced operations in Manipur
05 Implementation of Diligent – a board management software
01 Inorganic business portfolio reached INR 1,000 million
02 Number of customers reached 1,000,000
03 Intellecash merged with and into our Company pursuant to the Scheme
04 Commenced operations in Madhya Pradesh
05 Launched Adrenalin, the HRMS portal
06 Raised INR 990 million of external commercial borrowing from IFC
01 Launch of "Arohan e-Bazaar" mobile application and "Bazaar 2.0" product
02 Gross loan portfolio reached INR 10,000 million
03 Completion of implementation of "PROFILE"
04 Commenced operations in Tripura and Uttar Pradesh
05 Undertook first disbursement through PayTM payments bank
06 Launch of “Perdix”, a centralized digital audit platform for internal audit
01 Launched mobility solution which captures operational transactions on a real time basis through a mobile application
02 Commenced operations in Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh
03 Launched sanitation, mobile and bicycle loans
04 Undertook first cashless disbursement
05 Overall score of 8 out of 10 indicating “High Level of Adherence” in Code of Conduct Assessment Report conducted by ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited
01 Commenced operations in Odisha
02 Number of operational branches reached 180
03 Achieved AUM of over INR 5,000 million
01 Endorsement of status as an NBFC-MFI by the RBI
02 Commenced operations in Jharkhand
01 Acquisition of controlling interest in our Company by Intellecash and AVMS
02 Acquisition of Intellecash’s microfinance portfolio in Bihar
01 Number of customers crossed 200,000
01 Number of customers crossed 100,000
02 Commenced operations in Assam
03 Launch of 'Pragati' loan product
01 Launch of ‘Bazaar’ loan product
01 Number of customers reached 10,000
01 Commenced microfinance operations and disbursed its first microfinance loan in Kolkata