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Financial Safety Net Products

In order to ensure financial safety net for its customers, Arohan offers life and health insurance policy products that are issued by certain insurance companies, with whom the Company has entered into tie-ups. Arohan has also partnered with insurance companies to provide health insurance and hospital cash benefits to customers in case of the unfortunate incident of illness resulting in hospitalization of the customer or her spouse.


Name of

Maximum Amount of Loan /
Credit Limit /Insurance Coverage


Insurance (offered through tie-ups with certain Indian insurance companies)

Term Life Insurance

Coverage is equal to loan amount disbursed to customer

Loan Term + 2 Months

Insurance (offered through tie-ups with certain Indian insurance companies)

Health Insurance

INR 500/ INR 1,000/ INR 1,500 per day for normal hospitalisation up to 30 days and INR1,000/ INR 2,000/ INR 3,000 day for ICU hospitalisation up to 20 days in a year.

Riders include Critical Illness benefit of INR 50,000 and Personal Accident benefit of INR 100,000 or INR 200,000.

12/24 Months

Insurance (offered through tie-ups with certain Indian insurance companies)

Dwelling Insurance

Upto INR 1 lakh depending on extent of damage caused to the house

12 Months

Loans to Small MFIs

Term Loans

INR 25 Cr

12-36 Months

COVID-19 Special Product Package

In addition, in order to support customers in the common fight against the global pandemic, Arohan through its partners, is able to provide a COVID-19 related insurance policy to its customers in addition to their regular health insurance. This has been well-received by customers cross all areas of Arohan’s presence.

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