Diversity & Inclusion Focus

Diversity & Inclusion Focus

Arohan is focused on having greater gender diversity in its people. The Company is focused on developing a more cohesive, collaborative, and creative work environment as a means of driving the continued growth in line with its strategic objectives.

Gender Equity is promoted as a means to achieve Equality across the organisation. Having a conscious thought process in improving the diversity index and building an inclusive work culture, Arohan aims towards reaching its diversity goals through the following initiatives:

  • Being an equal opportunity employer, bringing in different perspectives, approaches, ideas, and views with varied talents, skills, and experiences.
  • Conducting business in a more socially responsible manner.
  • Focusing on increasing productivity and quality through diversity
  • Creating greater resonance with the clients and ensuring that products and services are more attuned

Formation of the Arohan Diversity Committee

The Arohan Diversity Committee has been formed to drive a clear and visible mandate from the Senior Management of the Company. The Committee includes representation from Senior and Mid Management members and seeks to work towards influencing and co-creating the Diversity & Inclusion roadmap for the Company.

Some of the key initiatives taken by the council are as follows:

Gender Equity at workplace: Serving the most under-served states in the country with majority of its 2.1 mn plus customers being women, Arohan strongly believes that for a sustainable future it is imperative to achieve a balance within the organisation in terms of Gender Equality. #ArohanGenerationEquality is a programme that has initiated the conversation on gender equity and equality at Arohan, while also encouraging the participants to appreciate, own and think beyond their unconscious biases.

All-Women Branches: Arohan has launched many all-women branches across Regions and Zones, adhering to the dedicated branch set-up guidelines for women branches. The objective of the guideline is to provide a framework that will help the Regional / Zonal Teams to determine their course of action while opening All-Women Branches across the regions, while maintaining uniformity in terms of branch infrastructure, hiring, and providing safe working environment for all women employees in the field.

Child Care Leave: These leaves are granted for the specific purpose of taking care of a minor child for rearing or looking after other needs of the child.

Building a Culture of Equality through Communication: Communication plays a pivotal role in driving the Diversity & Inclusion strategy for Arohan. It is crucial for the strategy to percolate through levels in the organisation to bring about the desired acceptance and transformation. The Senior Management Team are the visible champions to this mandate and lend their voice and gravitas for effective and transparent communication in demonstrating their commitment towards driving this initiative.

The Committee also focuses on Differently-Abled Equity as a medium to achieve Equality across the organisation.