Arohan, through its focus on community development through Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, has helped move its customers and their communities towards sustainability. Through its focused social activities impacting women and communities, Arohan has touched over 7 Lakh lives so far.

Social Initiatives

Driving Gender Diversity –

Arohan provides credit facility to ~19 Lakh women customer across low-income geographies for different income-generating activities, who then support their families through their livelihood activities. These customers are being served by over 5,000 field employees of Arohan. Since the majority of our customers are women, it is desirable for a majority of Arohan’s field employees to also be women to enable better understanding of the customers’ business cash flow needs and establish higher customer connect. Having identified the business linkage, Arohan is focussed on having a greater gender diversity in the Company with a clear roadmap in terms of attaining a natural diversity ratio of 50% by the year 2030, in line with the Aavishkaar Group’s Vision on the agenda.

Women Empowerment & Education –

Wellbeing of women and their education is the premise of progress in every society. Arohan focuses on empowerment of women through Scholarship programmes, Skill Building programmes, Model Anganwadis, building of school enterprises, STEM Learning and E-Learning and programmes.

Livelihood Trainings -

In order to further support socio-economic development, Arohan partnered with Seven Sisters Development Assistance (SeSTA) to empower women involved in agriculture-based activities and provide them with livelihood trainings to enhance participation in income generation and productivity. The project was implemented in Majuli, Jorhat, Assam. Primarily focused on Arohan’s customers and operational areas, the women members of the communities are trained on productivity enhancement in agriculture and scientific livestock management for improved income.

Health and Well-being -

Arohan operates in the most financially excluded states of India and its customers belong to communities where access to basic healthcare is inadequate. To address this gap, Arohan organizes free health and awareness camps providing access to medical and basic diagnostic services for the women in such communities.

Menstrual Hygiene -

With the objective of educating and creating awareness on the use of sanitary napkins and providing easy access, Arohan initiated a project in seven schools in Koderma, Jharkhand. Through this project, Arohan installed sanitary napkin vending machines along with incinerators in schools to solve the problem of disposal of napkins. The aim was to contribute towards the environment by reducing pollution caused due to non-biodegradable napkins and clogging of public drainage system while reducing the spread of infection due to unhygienic disposal of napkins. Awareness and replenishment programmes were conducted for the school children, teachers, parents and community members to inculcate good sanitary habits for long-term health benefits.

Employee Volunteering -

Arohan provides its employees with a sense of purpose by way of giving back to the community, in addition to their work roles. To this effect, the Company encourages employees to volunteer their Time and/or Skill. Employees are encouraged to self-initiate or initiate project-based volunteering. Arohan’s employees have participated in various volunteering activities to reach out to the beneficiaries supporting the thematic by participating and contributing on World Celebration Days, disaster relief initiatives, cloth donation and also by imparting Financial Literacy at one of its Water and Sanitation sites.