CSR Initiatives

Arohan operates in marginalized communities where access to quality healthcare, basic education, water and sanitation is still restricted.

Through its strong Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility activities, the organisation has worked in areas pertinent to social development, as key government priorities, supporting and empowering the women of underserved communities.

We have adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") policy and established a CSR Committee in compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules thereunder. Our CSR Committee is responsible for monitoring our CSR initiatives.

Our CSR initiatives focus on skill development and education, eco-sustainability, women’s health and empowerment, disaster relief and community participation.

Our CSR effortshave been recognised by the awards of

Practice of the Year

by the India International CSR Conclave in May 2017

CSR Project of the Year in Water

by the India International CSR Conclave in May 2018

ICC Special Jury Recognition

for 'Environment Sustainability' in 2019


Our Financial
Literacy Initiatives under CSR

Financial Literacy is a money plan workshop to empower clients by giving them the tools to manage their personal and household income efficiently. It provides them with the ability to make sound financial decisions and manage potential financial risk. Arohan’s financial literacy program is designed to educate our customers with respect to financial planning, cash flow and budgeting, savings, debt, insurance, investment and banking via in-person training, as well as general awareness campaigns.