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The Aavishkaar-Intellecap group are global pioneers in taking an entrepreneurship-based approach to development. The group has over USD 400 million in assets under management, with 2,400+ team members across three continents - Asia, Africa and the Americas, serving a common vision to improve the lives of the other 3 billion. Founded in 2002, the Arohan- Intellecap Group enables entrepreneurs working on challenging problems sustainably through equity funds, venture debt vehicle, microfinance lending, investment banking intermediation, consulting, research and access to global networks

Group Total employee 2400+

across 6 Group Companies

Group USD 400 Million

in Assets under Management

Group USD 1 Billion

in equity investments facilitated from partner funds

Group Presence in

3 Continents

  • About arohan

    Arohan is a leading NBFC MFI headquartered in Kolkata, focussed on serving the Eastern, North Eastern and Central Parts of the country with a range of financial services which includes low ticket size credit products.

    USD 200 Million

    Across 5 funds


    Portfolio companies



    VC Circle Impact

    Investor Award in 2017

  • About Aavishkaar

    Aavishkaar, a part of the Aavishkaar-Intellecap group, is one of the global pioneers in impact investing in taking an entrepreneurship based approach to development. Since its incorporation in 2002, Aavishkaar has gone on to make more than 50 investments, across sectors and geographies including the low income states and has raised five funds, delivering commercial returns with a total of ~INR 1300 Cr under management. Aavishkaar’s unique approach has resulted in its invested enterprises impacting over 70 million lives and creating over 150,000 jobs and livelihoods. Aavishkaar is also the first Indian venture capital fund to foray internationally with the launch of Aavishkaar Frontier Fund in 2015, which invests in enterprises operating in South and South East Asia. Aavishkaar has won several awards and recognition for is pioneering work, the most recent being the VCCircle “Active Investor Award” in 2017. It is also the only Indian fund to be featured as a case study by the Stanford Business School.

    • Aavishkaar manages USD 200 Million across 5 funds, investing in South and Southeast Asia
    • 4x Capital raised by portfolio companies for every $1 invested by Aavishkaar
    • 70 Million lives impacted / 150,000 jobs and livelihoods provided
    • Aavishkaar won the coveted VC Circle Impact Investor Award in 2017
    INR 1000 CR.








  • Intellecap

    Intellecap, part of the Aavishkaar-Intellecap Group is a pioneer in providing innovative business solutions that help build and scale profitable and sustainable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change. It's mission is to Search, Seed, Support, and Scale Entrepreneurs and Businesses that work with low income communities, empowering and improving their Quality of life. Founded in 2002, the Aavishkaar and Intellecap Group have directed US $ 600 Million of capital to entrepreneurs working on such challenging problems sustainably through equity funds, venture debt vehicle, microfinance lending or investment banking intermediation. Intellecap provides a broad range of Consulting, Research and Investment Banking Services, to Multilateral Agencies, Development Finance Institutions, Social Enterprises, Corporations, Investors, Policy Makers and Donors. Select clients include the Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, GIZ, DFID, Hindustan Unilever, International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank and Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. www.intellecap.com

    • USD 300 Million in Investments facilitated from investment partners
    • 600+ engagements delivered in 40+ countries across 3 continents
    • 1500 social enterprises showcased with over 500 investors and 200 mentors. 60 of them have gone on to raise over USD 220 Million
    • USD 12 Million in venture debt provided to over 40 growing businesses as part of Investment Banking practice
    USD 300 Million


    600+ engagements

    In 40+ countries

    1500 social


    USD 12 Million

    venture debt

  • About IntelleGrow

    IntelleGrow serves the ‘missing middle’ enterprises working in sectors which make a positive Environmental, Social and Governance Impact. Unlike traditional collateral-based lenders, IntelleGrow uses a ’venture debt’ approach, lending primarily on the basis of business viability and cash flows. Since it started operations in 2012, IntelleGrow has disbursed Rs.650 crore to about 160 enterprises which lack sufficient track record and collateral to secure sufficient debt from conventional formal sector lenders. www.intellegrow.com

    • USD 160 Million disbursed
    • Invested in over 160 Portfolio companies
    • Global reach through Investors and Financers including Omidyar Network, Triodos Investment Management, Shell Foundation, Developing World Markets, Calvert Foundation and Overseas Private Investment Corp
    USD 160 Million


    over 160

    Portfolio companies

    Global reach

    through Investors

  • About IntelleCash

    IntelleCash is a Non-Banking finance Company (NBFC) that Intellecap launched in 2008 to provide incubation services to start-up MFIs. IntelleCash has provided wholesale lending and capacity building services to MFIs in India, Africa, and Asia. The 31 MFIs incubated by IntelleCash have disbursed micro-loans amounting to USD 125 million to over 700,000 borrowers. IntelleCash provides working capital and business loans to MSMEs in the range of Rs. 0.25 Mn. to Rs. 5 Mn. IntelleCash plans to work with the aggregators and help customers through credit advance for the reason of income generation. Having entered the market with our flagship offering InstaCash, IntelleCash is working on a number of innovative products that will be launched to meet the diversified financial needs of the MSME sector. www.intellecash.com

  • About Tribe Tech

    Tribe is a technology driven platform that engages with small businesses all along their enterprise journey and provides them with access to capital most aligned to their business goals. The platform's match-making engine enables users to come together and form tribes with shared goals. Entrepreneurs can provide funders deep visibility into their enterprise journey showcased on their 'walls' while investors leverage predictive decision-making algorithms to evaluate and allocate capital (grant, debt and equity). Born out of the Aaavishkaar - Intellecap Group's learning from having worked with over 2000 ventures, Tribe is an endeavour to change the way venture financing is carried out. www.tribe.host

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